Safe, Unique and Humane Control for Stray Dogs, and Cats

Dog Deterrent

For Repelling Stray Dogs, Cats from Yards


Yard and garden pests such as, stray dogs and cats are repelled by the ultrasonic sounds generated by this Dog Detterent unit. The Dog Detterent generates adjustable sound waves from 15 kHz to 25 kHz.

The effective range is up to 10 metres through to 170 degrees. The device operates continously and has the option of a built-in motion sensor that activates the unit when animals move into its coverage zone which is 24 x 15 metres. It has easy to use control settings and operates on a 240v adaptor which plugs into any standard power outlet.

Ultrasonic sound travels in a line-of-sight manner so the unit must be set at the same level as the animals you wish to repel. Dogs and Cats are highly territorial so don’t expect instant results it may take time to change their habits.

Repels Stray dogs and cats effectively without causing harm to them!

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