Vermin X

For Repelling Rodents

VerminX is a transonic device (combination of ultrasonics and sonics) specifically designed for the control of small mammals such as rodent family.

A small master control unit sends out frequencies, via attached speakers, (up to 30m apart)which cause animals to get out of the immediate vicinity as the high frequencies cause discomfort if they linger for too long. Up to six speakers (the unit comes supplied with four as standard) can be attached, daisy-chain style to stretch out over 100 metres, ideal for running around perimeters of gardens, warehouses, food stores, bakeries, silos etc. Speakers can be placed both at and above ground level to protect installations, such as electricity transmission towers, from rodents.

Ultrasonic Rat Repeller

Whilst the sonic component of the VerminX will carry much further, the ultrasonic frequencies effectiveness is limited to a maximum range of 25 metres.

VerminX is scientifically proven (Bio Cenotics Project #WE1-98009) and repels pests simply by hitting them with a range of varying high frequencies which rapidly modulate (jumping up an down the frequency range) causing a barrage of uncomfortable sounds which they can't adapt to as frequencies are never constant, continually changing.

VerminX can be run off either a standard 240 volt outlet or a 12v battery if a power source is unavailable.


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