For Repelling Birds from buildings, warehouses, etc.

Sonic and ultrasonic bird repellers use the general idea of sound as a deterrent for bird nesting and perching. Outdoor-proof sound emitters, either current or battery powered (or both), with motion sensors and time selectors (day, night, or continous), will emit noise to persuade the bird(s) to go elsewhere. This is where sonic and ultrasonic differ.

Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

The Ultrasonic bird repeller will emit ultrasonic sound that is, well, annoying to the birds. Multi-frequency ultrasonic units will cover a broader range to work on everything from pigeons, sparrows and crows, to seagulls, cormorants and vultures. So whether you have a house, apartment or even a boat, ultrasonic sound can help keep birds from stopping by and leaving their mess.

Ultrason is a programmable outdoor ultrasonic bird repeller. It's the first-ever ultrasonic bird repellent for EXTERIOR USE! Unique "silent to humans". The Ultrason helps you get rid of birds for good and guards your property all day and night, like a silent security guard! Targets birds with unrelenting ultrasonic waves which move from speaker to speaker, delivering a constant, menacing multi-bird defense. Harmless to birds and the environment!

The Ultrasonic comes with a heavy-duty surround sound , a separate control box plus four powerful directional speakers (each with 30 meters of wire) offer greater all-around flexibility.

Coverage: 3600 square feet; 900 sq. ft. from each speaker. Programmable. High, Medium & Low frequencies plus variations offer a customizable solution. Easy Operation. 240vAC electricity, adaptor included.

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