Super Pro Amp

Repells Birds from Airports

Bird Repeller for Airports

The Super Pro Amp is BirdGard's largest and most powerful, purpose-built, bird control device and is arguably the most effective of its kind.

It has been designed to be used in airports specifically. The versatile Super Pro Amp can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a highly mobile bird hot spot device mounted on a trailer. It is supplied with 1 x sound generator with 2 x built-in high output amplifiers, 2 microchips, 1 x 20 stack 360 degree speaker, 4 x PA4 Speakers, 1 x 40 watt solar panel, audio cables, battery clips and mounting hardware.

With its 360 degree speaker and 125db output, the Super Pro Amp is well suited to defend large flat areas and can replace several of our standard units. The increased volume has allowed ranges of up to 30 acres to be achieved on some bird species.

Equipped with replaceable sound microchips the Super Pro Amp can broadcast a great variety of sounds. With a sound library of over 70 different micro-chips with up to 8 sounds each this allows a number of different bird species to be repelled simultaneously and allows for in expensive future upgrades.

Super Pro AmpUtilizing crystal clear digital sounds, the Pro Amp can emit Bird Gard’s unique Australian developed harassment sounds the Electronic Scarecrow (ESC) and the Flower Fruit Scarer (FFS) as well as actual bird distress, alarm and predator calls. Designed to operate in a diverse range of environmental conditions, the Pro Amp is suitable for most outdoor applications.

The solid-state electronics are mounted inside a NEMA-rated control box that is suitable for most any weather condition. The Bird Gard Super Pro Amp is fully programmable, with adjustments for volume, specific sound combinations, daylight, night, or 24-hour operation. Every six seconds a randomly selected sound is broadcast at a randomly selected frequency out of a randomly selected speaker. It sounds like there are many different birds in distress spread throughout the protected area.

Also included are four different random features that vary the sound, the sound duration, length of time between sounds and the sound location so birds don't get accustomed to the sound pattern. Your unit is preset on DAY, MEDIUM and RANDOM MODES. All you need to do is connect the speakers and power and turn the unit on.

The sound chip is located on the faceplate so it can be easily changed in the field for protection against a greater variety of birds. The controller electronically modulates calls so it sounds like different injured birds of the same species.

The control unit, speaker tower and included solar panel are a single, stand-alone unit. The built-in high power amplifiers broadcast crystal-clear digital sound output through (20) weather-resistant speakers enclosed in a metal case. The Bird Gard Super Pro Amp effectively covers an area approximately 1,200 x 1,200 feet (366 x 366 meters).

The Super Pro Amp has a fan installed to keep the resistor cool. Once the resistor temperature reaches 40 degrees C the fan will automatically turn on. If you place the actual control unit in the shade it will assist in keeping the unit cool in the hottest summer days. The bird distress chips place much less demand (energy and heat) on the unit than does the harassment chip. While the Pro Amp can operate in temperatures below zero as the current draw does provide some heating but if turned off or in extreme conditions some electrical components containing oil may freeze. In this event some pre-heating may be required.

PA_4In the size category of the Pro Amp the PA 4 differs by utilising low frequency PA speakers. This allows the device to emit a whole new range of low frequency sounds that are the ideal supplement to the Super Pro Amp and Pro Amp. The device has all the same features, that is, replacement sound chips and a new feature rotating speaker sound. The PA 4 can operate, on its own and be combined with the Super Pro Amp and they can operate as one unit. This is a very effective combination.

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