BirdGard Static Laser

Ideal for Driving Away Birds

The Bird Gard Static Laser is a device that provides a convenient, effective and humane approach for driving birds away from areas where they are not wanted. It is designed for operation in low light conditions or within in buildings, warehouses and industrial sites. The device can be either hung from a ceiling or mounted onto a bracket with the laser beams directed either onto the roof or the spots where the birds sit. The device emits a combination of laser designs much to the dislike of the birds and the birds causing them to take flight.

Laser for Pigeons

The device throws out 45 different designs in a random order over a miximum range of 300 meters with an estimate coverage of 3048 square meters. The device works on a 240 Volt power supply. The device is totally environment friendly and makes no noice. It has been tested against most bird species and has been proved effective.

The family of lasers are used basically to target the sight perception of the birds. Thus for best results it is recommended that a combination of sight and sound be used to control your bird problem.

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