Solar Snake Repeller

For Repelling Snakes

Snake RepellerThis solar power device creates pulsing vibration waves through the ground. These waves can effectively repel snakes up to a 30 metre diameter area.

The pulsing vibration waves simulate danger to a snake. The snake senses this through its body. Once the snake enters the defensive area, the pulsing vibration irritates the snake which encourages it to depart that location.

It is strongly recommended that a minimum of two (2) devices are used and installed 25 metres apart.

The Solar Snake Repeller is powered by a solar cell and a rechargeable accumulator stores power for operation at night. When the accumulator is fully charged, it can supply enough power for night operation, thereby ensuring a continuous around-the-clock repeller.

A full day of sunshine will fully recharge the device and enable it to operate for approximately 3 cloudy days.

Power supply: Ni-Cd cell recharged by solar energy. 
Frequency: 400HZ-1000HZ
Working Range: about 625 square meters

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