Pigeon Deterrent

Best Suited for Removal of Pigeons

It should be understood at the onset that Pigeons are monogamous and typically mate for life. Normally female Pigeons can reach sexual maturity as early as 7 months of age and propagate by laying two to three eggs. the eggs hatch after approximately 18 days of laying and the young chicks turn to birds and leave their nests any time between 35 to 45 days of the eggs being laid. That makes a pair of Pigeons propagate roughly every quarter by two or three new birds.

The Pigeon Deterrent Solution for Pigeonsis by far the best device in its league, using a combination of sonic, ultrasonic sound to deter and relocate pigeons from roosting areas.

The Pigeon Deterrent is actually 2 machines in one. It has ultrasonic frequencies plus a sonic (audible) sound generator which produce non-natural harassment sounds plus some bio - acoustic predator and distress calls of actual birds.

This device targets the sound perception of the birds. The device uses the concepts of the natural survival instincts of birds to effectively get rid of them. The device emits natural bird calls recordings of distressed, harassed and alarmed birds, along with the attack sounds made by their natural predators such as Hawks, Eagles and Falcons which are broadcast through high-fidelity weather-resistant speakers. These trigger a primal fear and flee response from the birds. The pest birds soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened. Most Pigeons start feeling the effect within a few week of the use of the equipment.

Pigeon GardThe device covers an area of 50 meters x 50 meters (will depend on the ambient noise levels in the environment) and comprises of a sound producing device along with four speakers that can be stretched upto a distance of 30 meters by their inherent cables. The device is normally mounted low to facilitate easy access for controlling the various settings of the device as and when required, while the speakers are mounted high next to the ceiling amidst the rafters of the buildings to cause maximum discomfort to the Pigeons.

The device uses a light sensor which can be activated based on the requirement of the user to switch on or switch off the device during day light / night times.

To give greater flexibility to the user individual sounds can be either turned ON / OFF independent of the other sounds. That is to say the device can work either on a totally sonic mode or in the ultrasonic mode based on the customers requirement. However best results are achieved when the device is used with both the modes switched ON as it causes maximum harassment to the pigeons.

For larger areas we strongly recommended that the BirdGard Laser (a hand-held laser) to be used in conjunction with the Pigeon Deterrent. The Laser will remove pigeons (in low-light conditions) instantly - while the Pigeon Deterrent will continue to operate 24 hours a day to discourage any birds from returning.

Frequencies used by the Pigeon Deterrent are as follows:



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