BirdGard Hand Held Laser

Ideal for Driving Away Birds

The Bird Gard Laser is a hand held laser device that provides a convenient, effective and humane approach for driving birds away from areas where they are not wanted. It is designed for operation in low light conditions or in buildings, warehouses and industrial sites. Directing the Laser beam towards the birds or sweeping the red dot on the ground, ceiling or in the trees in close proximity to the birds, will cause them to become startled and take flight.

Laser for Pigeons

The Hand Held Laser comes in two varients distinguished by the beam colour of Red and Green. While the Green beam is most effective on water birds the Red beam is effective for all birds. Despite the above statement a combination of the red and green beams on any type of birds is astounding as the birds will take to flight immediately. Virtually an immediate effect to wet the appitite of those desirous of seeing immediate results. This device is used to target the sight perception of the birds.

The Hand Held Laser is totally environment friendly, a kilogram in weight and weather proof. The laser has a wave length of 650 nm with an effective distance of 1200 meters to 1500 meters and works on a 9 Volt battery. It doesnot make any noise and has an integral key lock with a 3 sec LED delay to switch on the device. It has been tested and proven against most bird species.

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