Balcony Gard

For Repelling Stray Birds from Balconies

Protect Your Property! As well as repelling pest birds this unit has a protective police-like siren.  This pest-repeller offers the latest technology and is unparallel in success.


Repels bats and birds & a few insects

This versatile electronic control device uses ultrasonic and audible sounds combined with a startling, pulsating strobe light to deter animals from entering the coverage area that protects up to 538sq metres.

This handy unit is an unobtrusive sound generator that keeps stray and birds, out of your Balconies, yard and garden.  The unit has an advanced motion detection sensory system that senses motion from all directions from up to 20 metres away.  It emits a high frequency
sound blast (120 decibel) to deter the trespasser. Ultrasonic blasts in the upper end of the frequency range are intolerable to the birds. 

Price: INR Rs 14,600.00 (MRP)

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